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Image by Nacho Domínguez Argenta

Esta es nuestra historia

Nuestra fundadora es una aficionada al vino desde los 18 años, después de trabajar en una tienda de vinos mientras estudiaba historia. Pronto descubrió que le gustaba el fascinante mundo del vino mucho más que la historia (hay un poco menos sangre y drama, pero muchas menos fechas para recordar), abandonó una por la otra y ha trabajado en el mundo del vino desde entonces. Al crecer en Europa, también viajó tanto como pudo, y finalmente conoció a un chico que la convencería de probar Norteamérica, y comenzó una aventura completamente nueva.

Esta es nuestra historia

Born from the often heard cry of "I wish I had spent more time there", I decided to create a tour company with a difference. One that centers on respect for the places we go, provides the most amount of contact with the people who live there, and therefore gives you the most intimate experience. I want you to feel like you know them as friends by the time you leave.


In line with that, I didn't want to rush you through a country in an effort to play 'famous site bingo' - with more time spent traveling from hotel to hotel, packing and unpacking, then wandering through ancient streets, or discovering a perfect piece of art to take home. I also didn't want to choreograph every second of your time, instead allowing opportunities to explore on your own, without having to worry about transport or finding the right hotel. All of that is taken care of so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and spending time on the important things. 

And then, there is the wine. Is there anything more tied in with the land and its people then the food and wine grown there? Like a good wine, time spent lingering somewhere often offers the best rewards. I wanted to show that there is more to the wine world than just the famous names - think of places like Croatia and Slovenia as old friends that it are well overdue to a visit, and who have new and exciting things to show you. They may not be as familiar to us now as they once were, but there is no denying their ability to charm. Improvements and recovery of the vineyards in that area of the world has been remarkable, mostly through the ingenuity of the families that have farmed the land for generations. Their love for it shows not just in the wines, but in everything they make - cheese, produce, and olive oil are all world class. I love it there and I want to share it with you in the best way I know how.


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